Elle Exxe - Photo by Mindy Coe

Photo by Mindy Coe

The UK seems to be producing brightly-coloured female musicians on an industrial scale at the moment, and ELLE EXXE (It’s pronounced L-X, apparently) is the latest off the line. She’s originally from Edinburgh and moved to London at 17 to pursue a music career. She put out her first track as ELLE EXXE, Synthesising, a few months ago and now she’s returned with the follow-up, Lie To Me.

Lie To Me sounds like R ‘n’ B phased through the PC Music digital-candy, late internet worldview. The singer’s deep voice and strong melodies rattle against a high pitched, bleeping synth line that could easily have popped up on an A.G. COOK or SOPHIE song. What separates it from that style of music is the sheer amount of swagger piled into the track, from the thumping momentum to her icy putdowns: ‘Words don’t matter, now you don’t matter to me’. Lie To Me is ELLE EXXE’s debut single and is out on March 23rd.