The Berliner Duo Evvol already drew our attention with their debut release in 2015. Now, Julie Chance and Jane Arnison are back with It’s Okay – another single teasing their forthcoming sophomore release The Power, due in May. The track fuses pop sensibilities with arty Berliner electronica to a trippy meditation on love and intimacy. After considering the state of politics and the world on their previous record, the duo has now turned their gaze towards the inside. The hypnotic vocals by Julie Chance communicate the troubles inherent in some relationships. The singer also directed the equally captivating video to the single.

The cinematic video was shot somewhere in the gritty alleyways of a Berliner backyard. Portraying two opposing forces clashing together, each movement of the two fighters is so well choreographed it floats in a place between fight and dance. The dark setting conjures an intimacy in unruly times of a relationship. It’s Okay is, like everything Evvol puts out, entirely produced, recorded and even directed by the outfit. Julie Chance and Jane Arnison show off their understanding of music making with the charmingly moody and atmospheric vibe of the track.

‘The song is about a relationship where despite uncontrollable outside forces at play, that toy and disrupt emotions – love prevails. In the video we wanted to explore this idea of how that might look. Using the idea of two sworn enemies at war who meet for the showdown of a lifetime, only to be stopped in their tracks by their wild desire for each other’

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