Empire Of The Sun - 2013Australian pop duo EMPIRE OF THE SUN has shared Alive, the first song from their highly anticipated new album Ice On The Dune, today! The highly anticipated follow-up to their successful 2008 debut Walking On A Dream is set for a release in June, previously Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore already shared a mysterious but blockbuster-produced like first trailer with us. Anyway, the expectations are high since EMPIRE OF THE SUN gained more attention than their previous day job bands PNAU and THE SLEEPY JACKSON.

Steele on the challenge of a sophomore record: “In the end what has driven us is the same as the first record which is music that makes people feel excited and want to get up in the morning. But oh yeah, we felt the pressure.” The new single from EMPIRE OF THE SUN basically sounds like you expected it and it looks like the Australians will continue their journey. Listen to it right here.