Etnik - Mykki Blanco

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to give NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s beloved ‘Sound of the Night’ category a bit dirty groove and street credibility tonight. Yes, you read correctly. Instead of a melancholic lullaby we present you pumping but still quite dark grooves on this Tuesday evening. The beats are delivered by Germany’s latest ‘Techno Wunderkind’, ETNIK from Hamburg. And the rhymes on top of it are spit by the one and only MYKKI BLANCO. The result is a dirty piece of electro-rap for all those who like their nights a bit less peacefully.

ETNIK‘s new EP is called like the track, Unclassified, and it has just been released via SKRILLEX‘ label OWSLA, featuring five tunes, ranging from dark techno to dirty electronic basslines with ETNIK‘s undeniable love for rap as well. The young man is even doing a live broadcast for Beatport this Friday which you can attend right here. Or you just stick with the new video that shows the two protagonists in the finest gangsta rap environment, including fancy cars and sexy slow motion dancing. Unleash your inner badass right here.