Farao - Bodies - Video


In early 2014 NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION had the pleasure of premiering the debut EP by talented Norwegian pop artist Kari Jahnsen aka FARAO. A lot has happened in the course of the past months as Jahnsen constantly worked on her first ever full-length. It’s called Till It’s All Forgotten and it finally arrives on September 11 via Full Time Hobby. The lead single Bodies now comes with a haunting music video, directed by Nina Knag and Ina Lerner Grevstad.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because it’s an arty visualization of all the things you are facing as a young teenager during puberty. All the mixed feelings, the anger and the fear and excitement of exploring unknown physical territory. The two young girls in the Bodies clip are definitely facing a few issues while Kari Jahnsen also sees the clip in a more general context. She explains: ‘Like the song itself, the video is about surrendering to bad decisions and going down the wrong path, where it’s likely you’ll end up hurting someone. It’s exploring impulsive physical contact and dominance, and seeing this take control of your rationality.’

Anything Else?

Bodies is a perfect example of FARAO‘s approach towards pop music. In the tradition of previous Scandinavian acts she manages to create something quite edgy without forgetting the pop aspect of the record. Definitely a record you should have on your radar in the next months.