Feral & StrayToday’s sound of the night comes from a ambitious new singer/songwriter project around Canadian musician Erin Lang. Although you might not be familiar yet with her band FERAL & STRAY you might know a few of the names that were involved in the making of their upcoming album Between You And The Sea. It was produced by Mark Lawson who previously worked with ARCADE FIRE and BEIRUT and it was mixed by Dave Bryant from GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR. The result is quite an intense record which will be released on November the 1st.

And just to give you a more detailed idea of how FERAL & STRAY sound here comes One For Sorrow (Two For Joy), a track from the new album. Majestic epicness teams up with emotional despair and results in somethng really outstanding. The full album is up for exclusive stream on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION later this week.