Festsaal KreuzbergLast weekend one of Berlin’s most popular concert venues, the FESTSAAL KREUZBERG had to face a giant fire which led to an almost complete destruction of the location. Over 300 firemen were called to action last Saturday night as the flames broke out prior to a party event. Luckily no one was harmed but it looks like the FESTSAAL KREUZBERG is forced to close its gates in the near future.

Reports on the reason for the fire are still to follow as the police is currently investigating the case. The future however of the location and the concept is currently uncertain. As one of the owners, Björn von Swieykowski, told Berlin-based radio station this morning ideas are currently collected – from crowdfounding concepts to an alternative location. Everything’s possible at the moment but nothing is for sure yet. Since NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION experienced some great shows in the venue we wish the organizers all the best for the future. Feel free to support the location by visiting their homepage and write them a mail. We’ll keep you updated on any news.