First Hate - Photo by Tom Spray

Photo by Tom Spray

As you get older it gets harder and harder to become fascinated by up and coming artists. You can’t deny that, honestly. But from time to time a new band comes around that really catches your attention. We knew that there’s something special about Copenhagen’s FIRST HATE before but then we witnessed Anton Falck Gansted and Joakim Norgaard live on stage at last week’s Ja Ja Ja Club Night and it was dark love at first sight.

They sound as if JOY DIVISION teamed up with KORALLREVEN while not looking like your average popstars. The result is a energy-filled sinister version of dream pop. Can we invent the genre ‘nightmare pop’ right now? The latest FIRST HATE single goes by the name Trojan Horse and it’s another exampe of the band’s talent. Feel the love right here.