forgive or forget documentary

Forgive or forget? Human kind seems not to have learned from the crimes oft he Holocaust 70 years ago. In this moving documentary by Tristan Anderson, three victims of imprisonment in concentration camps from three different times talk about their experiences and memories. We hear reports from concentration camps and genocides in Germany, Cambodia and Rwanda. How did they survive and how can they live on? It seems that such a tremendous cruelty can only be handled with a stoic believe in life. Calm and disturbingly factual, they talk about the violence they experience, beyond our imagination. In the face of death and hopelessness, they learned the meaning of hope in surviving. Nevertheless, such cruelty will always stay in their lives as dark shadow.

This is an answer to everybody who thinks that such things as the holocaust can never happen again. It can, and it does. It might not be at our front door but it is our all business. Never forget, never forgive.

Watch Tristan Anderson’s interviews with Sophie, Freddie and Sokphal, three people who are stronger than life: