After Ex Mykah released his eclectic EP 16,17 back in December he returns with the new gem, Dead Celebrity. Playful groovy guitar tunes and a deep, subtle beat are the backbone of the track, while the vocals flow over the instrumentation like thick sweet syrup. The fuzzy, blurred cries of the electronic guitar almost sound like something from the 60s Blues Rock era, but the beat and the synthesizer use make the single a contemporary piece of music.

‘I wrote ‘Dead Celebrity’ after Carrie Fischer diedI had met her once and she gave me a half eaten box of chocolates. She had me thinking about the double lives of celebrities for quite some time.’

The lyrics reflect this thought process. Senti is known for his political themes and tackling social issues with his texts, and so is this one. The hazy narcotic pop resonates the troubles with drugs and bipolar disorder of Carrie Fischer. The downside to fame struck the actress badly. In a gloomy mood the singer croons ‘everybody knows me to put on a show’ and ‘If they could see me now’. Desperately trying to keep your private life private as a public figure is a lot of pressure and trying ‘not to choke’ on this is the goal. Dead Celebrity expresses this limbo of standing in the limelight perfectly.

The video clip matches the topic as well as the vibe of the single’s lush avant-pop arrangements. The abstract and colorful collage-style footage creates a simple retro look. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is excited to premiere the strange and trippy video, directed by Lewis Klahr, right here. Press play to experience the world Ex Mykah creates with his music.