The frosty Vancouver winter did not stop the Jon Bryant from composing heartwarming songs for his forthcoming album Cult Classic. What sounds like merely a kick-ass name for an LP, actually bears more meaning. The musician himself was lured into joining a cult in recent years and now finally swore it off. Inspired by this emotional and personal journey, the album is a well-composed work of a matured musician. While you will have to wait until the end of this week to give it a spin, NBHAP provides you with just the dose of mellow pop you need to make it to Friday. Disguised in playful piano melodies and a catchy chorus, the single Ya Ya Ya Ya strikes up the essential struggle of human connection. Somewhere in between subtle groove and soulful tunes it turns out to be an insightful examination of a relationship burning out due to the passivity of the partners. ‘Uh babe can we go back and replace all of the facts with fiction.’ Jon Bryant croons in perfect falsetto vocals shooting goose bumps across the listeners skin.

Photo by Carly Dame

Gotta let it out!

“It’s a common thing to reflect on the past and yearn for its resurrection. We all harbour the nostalgia of a moment in time when life moved slowly and was rife with passion, excitement and ‘meaning’ like some sort of golden age. ‘Ya ya ya ya’ is about communicating the unspoken thoughts and feelings that circulate through the mind. Passivity is poison for any relationship. Gotta let it out, then let it go and make the most of the short time we have.“ 

Dipped in cinematographic light, the video matches the melancholic vibe of the single perfectly. The singer takes us on a ride through the past. It is loaded with nostalgia while literally following a cap-ride through a nocturnal city. Jon Bryant is gazing out of the window into the deserted city streets. Lights are caressing his face, as he sings ‘I want to turn a new leaf, but I am shaking branches off a bad tree.’ Packed with warm piano melodies, soothing like memories of the past, the poetic and meaningful lyrics make the single truly come alive. Check out the video below to immerse yourself in the painfully beautiful track. And luckily there is more to come: Jon Bryant’s moving LP Cult Classic will be released at the end of the week! Stay tuned!