Frankie Rose - Photo by Sebastian Mlynarski

Photo by Sebastian Mlynarski

We had to face the fact but as September just started and we look outside the window we face the impending autmun on this cloudy Monday. Might be not the worst idea to set our Sound of the Day for today in a more melancholic setting. Wave rock singer FRANKIE ROSE could be the right person to help us on this. The chanteuse is about to release her new album Herein Wild on September 24 in the US and October 7 in the UK via label Fat Possum. And the record’s first single Street Of Dreams already unfolds ROSE‘s black magic.

A mysterious piece of wave pop which happens to be quite catchy and melodic as well. While her last album Interstellar was quite epic the new one seems to be a bit darker and roughter, facing tragedy and disappointment as key topics. Well, tough material but we’re up for it. If you wanna fall for FRANKIE ROSE as well, here comes your chance.