From KidLet’s face it – mixing minimalistic electronic beats with tender singer/songwriter folk is not an entirely new idea. It’s actually one that currently helps a band to get quite popular. Indeed, electro folk is some sort of small hype, ever since WANKELMUT remixed ASAF AVIDAN’s One Day a while back. But it’s always nice to see bands giving it their own note. Just like our sound of the day on this Wednesday – FROM KID.

The Swiss duo – consisting of Andrin Berchtold and Gian Reto Camenisch – presents its latest single Colors. A melodic and grooving piece that perfectly fits for such a cold winter day. And one with a message as FROM KID point out: “For us ‘Colors’ is that moment when you adore something even though it isn’t good for you but you still can’t resist.” A dangerous scenario but with a quite warm and embracing sound. Support these guys, believe the hype and listen to the song right here.