Future Islands - Road Dawgs - Movie

What to do when you suddenly breakthrough? It’s been one hell of a year for Baltimore-based synthpop trio FUTURE ISLANDS. After one decade of releasing music and extended and regular touring all over the world the band around charismatic frontman Samual Herring they finally made a major step into the spotlight. All it needed was an iconic David Letterman performance (about which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION talked with them earlier this year) and a fantastic new album called Singles that was packed with instant hits like Seasons or Doves. The rest was almost automatic.

Now, the band and director Jay Buim (who also did the Seasons video) take a closer look behind the current hype bubble in which FUTURE ISLANDS have relocated. Follow them backstage as they open up about their spirit and hunger for even more concerts in 2015. All in all, it’s just another proof for their unique talent. Watch the little documentary Road Dawgs right here.