Get Well Soon - Love - Artwork

GET WELL SOON , the musical brainchild of German musician Konstantin Gropper, is about to return with its fourth full-length in early 2016. The simply titled album Love will be released on January 29 via Caroline International. It follows Gropper’s 2012 record Scarlet Beasts o’ Seven Heads as well as a couple of EP’s he released last year and about which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION also talked with him.

Love is not just a title but also the main theme of the new GET WELL SOON record which will show a way more pop-focussed side of Gropper and his gang. First music ist hopefully happening soon. In the meantime enjoy the epic artwork above and a classic from his 2008 debut right below the tracklist.

‘Love’ – Tracklist

01. It’s a Tender Maze
02. It’s a Catalogue
03. Eulogy
04. It’s an Airlift
05. It’s Love
06. Marienbad
07. 33
08. Young Count Falls for Nurse
09. I’m Painting Money
10. It’s a Mess
11. It’s a Fog