Gold Falls - MonsoonsThe night has arrived and we don’t know on which side of the planet you are currently. But we from NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION are freezing in the middle of a frosty winter. And while this also can be quite satisfying from time to time we can’t help but dream ourselves aways into a warmer place. And tonight’s soundtrack for this comes in form of Oxford-based electronica producer Ben Leftley and his alter ego GOLD FALLS.

After taking a longer break the talented young lad recently returned with new material in the form of several tracks – with Monsoons being one of the outstanding ones. Some of you might remember that he also once provided a joyful NBHAP Guestmix, in collaboration with German producer PRETTY BOY MAKES RAVE.

His latest piece, Monsoons, is six minutes of dreamy electronica that makes us think of a warm summer night at a beach, somewhere in paradise. It could rain or it couldn’t. It doesn’t actually matter. Some could argue that the latest GOLD FALLS material is better for a day in the sun, we find it quite righ for our sound of the night on this Monday. Join us right here.