Gold Panda - We Work NightsYes, we must confess it – sometimes we work at night. Some times also at the day. Sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more. But we always work at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. For you and for these sounds we love that much. Especially in the dark. And just for tonight we decided to work with GOLD PANDA and his – quite suitable – new song We Work Nights.

The track is the second teaser from his upcoming new album Half Of Where You Live, out on June 10 via his own label NOTOWN. And We Work Nights might be a good teaser of what to expect from the longplayer. GOLD PANDA describes the new album as “a jump from location to location. I felt like I was stealing a piece of each place I went to.” And we get a sense on where he stole his inspiration from the new track as it got some Arabic influences within itself. In combination with the clicking beats at ambient-like electronica, the result is quite fascinating. Introspective and uplifting at the same time – something we would love to work with in the future.

The new GOLD PANDA track is NBHAP’s Sound Of The Night today – listen to it right now.