Maps - Guestmix - Image

Original Photo by Erika Wall

Sometimes taking a bit time off might be the best way to find new perspectives and fresh ideas. A lot of artists have done it before and, some needed a bit more time for their return, others a bit less, James Chapman decided that four years was the right amount of time. Four years without his alter ego MAPS were enough, now Chapman got a new album in the pipeline. Vicissitude is the name of his third longplayer which will be released on July the 5th via Mute – and it looks like it’s a return for the man from Northampton.

The sounds of MAPS’ first two records We Can Create (2007) and Turning The Mind (2009) were full of dreamy electronica soundscapes with a certain sense of psychedelic epicness and a lovely groove, always teamed up with Chapman’s tender voice. Almost like it was a musical blueprint for many of the dreampop and chillwave artists who popped up during the past two or three years. You might call Chapman visionary but we’re pretty sure he would disagree. He’s just a regular guy with a certain passion for analog synthesizers. And he still likes to create his epic songs in his own bedroom. Never change a winning system – something that might make MAPS win a few more fans this year, that much is for sure.

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to have Chapman on board for his very own NBHAP Guestmix. Expect a fine selection of electronic bliss with his selection. Dreamy, experimental and also quite danceable – just as expected from MAPS. So, without further ado here comes his ride.

01. APPLESCAL – Boys (feat. David Douglas)
02. JOHN TALABOT – Journeys (feat. Ekhi)
03. FREE SCHOOL – Iberico
04. F.C. JUDD – This Loop Business
05. DAPHNI – Yes, I Know
06. JAMES WELSH – Craven
07. THE ASPHODELLS – Beglammered
08. HARRY FORBES – Builders 2