Half Moon Run - Screenshot


It’s been a full year for the guys of HALF MOON RUN. After a big European tour the band from Montreal have finally released their second album Sun Leads Me On. Following their initial single Trust is their second track from the new album called I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On.

Why Should I Watch This?

If you think the song’s name is a mouthful well – so is the video. It’s quite literally ‘we can’t figure out what’s going on’. Directed by Heston L’Abbé – who, by and by has also worked on movies like Dallas Buyers Club or Wild. Main and vital component throughout the video is the house the band is in. It’s a house full of strange characters – something along the lines of a sort of Alice in Wonderland girl, a pantomime man and a goose – ever changing furniture and a staircase that leads to the same attic over and over again. Nonetheless, it’s a fun little video and even more fun when you notice the little changing details in the background (watch the portraits!).

Anything Else?

Sun Leads On just dropped in October and so far both singles from the album are just perfection. Starting January 2016, HALF MOON RUN is going on an extensive tour throughout North America and Europe.