Hannah Diamond - Hi


Attention. A hype is taking the internet by storm. Or at least a bit. Ever since HANNAH DIAMOND released her first with Attachment two years ago every new release by the British artist gets a bit more attention. With Hi NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is finally ready to risk a belated jump on the bandwagon for the artist from buzzing label PC Music. And after watching hat ridiculous bubblegum overload that is her new video we still wonder what the heck is actually going on right here.

Why Should I Watch This?

You should hit the ‘Play’ button to understand what HANNAH DIAMOND is about. Cheesy electropop tunes with questionable music video aesthetics and far too simple messages. The complete consequence of going full mainstream is the aspect that makes her so interesting. Is that a parody? Subtle cricism of today’s society and the whole ‘Top 40’ microcosm? Is she fooling us all or not? Hi, an ode to the difficulties of online dating in the year 2015, will leave more questions than it answers. In a weird way it also is very scary and that itself is a sign of good pop music, right?

Anything Else?

We should definitely keep an eye on London-based pop label PC Music who are willing to tear down the remaining boundaries between pop, art and a certain commercial industy. Everything is pop, everything is art. It’s scary and interesting at the same time and we will try to follow this path; at least to a certain degree.