Who is it?

Mysterious project HEAVEN is the latest signing on Johnny Jewel’s praised synthwave label Italians Do It Better. Yes, the man who’s behind such profound bands like CHROMATICS, GLASS CANDY and a lot of music for Ryan Gosling-involved film projects.

Why should you listen to it?

Jewel also produced the music by this new act we don’t know much about. That obviously explains the musial similarities between HEAVEN and CHROMATICS. Not the worst thing since we’ve been waiting more than three years now for their new album Dear Tommy, following its initial announcement. The so far released tracks Lonesome Town and It’s Not Enough spread that familiar gloomy 80s vibes we’ve come to love from Jewel’s camp while the visuals add a certain Twin Peaks vibe to it. You might be not surprised that the Italians Do It Better label boss is of course also involved in the upcoming revival of David Lynch’s legendary series.

What’s next?

An entire HEAVEN EP that also goes by the name Lonesome Town arrives on May 10, featuring five tracks. And right after that, we surely get Dear Tommy right before the end of this decade, okay?

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