QT - Hey QT - Video


This one is really needed to understand the idea of QT. Producers A.G. COOK and SOPHIE are the producers behind the shiny new pop sensation Quinn Thomas, a transatlantic artist based in London and New York. So far so unspectacular but besides that the whole project is one clever marketing stunt as QT also released an energy drink last year. Yes, really. You can buy it right here. Legend says she even invented the ‘QT Energy Elixir.’ The commercial tune Hey QT was just produced as a ‘joke’ last year for the drink but now with the accompanying music video it looks as if the idea started a life on its own.

Why should I watch this?

Because it’s ridiculously over-the-top high gloss madness. ‘Tastes fizzy, looks bouncy, feels QT says the press release but we say it rather feels like Yolandi Visser from DIE ANTWOORD recorded a Euro-trash-inspired K-pop tune. The whole clip feels like a commercial and the song itself might be so shallow that its actually good. It’s a sparkling bubble gum overdose and no matter what you think of it: don’t miss it.

Anything else?

You are now happily invited to ask yourself what the meaning behind this whole buzz should be? Is it the ultimate melting of brand and art, a contemporary way of building up an artist or an intelligent concept that raises questions about authenticity and identity in a music industry that more and more has to rely on marketing deals.

Alternative video link right here.