Heymoonshake - Colly DropOkay, we can confess that we’ve seen quite a lot of different musical acts in the history of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Very unique formations indeed but we can clearly say we haven’t seen anything like this before. Dave Crowe and Andy Balcon are HEYMOONSHAKER – and this is the premiere of their latest music video Colly Drop.

A quite special combination these two have. A dirty blues rocker on one side and a talented beatboxer on the other side. Yes, really. The result is music which is both – powerful and rough with a clear sense of passion. In a ime when you think you’ve already heard every musical possibility before HEYMOONSHAKER provide something truly new and inspiring. Their debut album is on the way, their intense new video Colly Drop has already arrived today. It was directed by Holden (weareholden.com). Experience it right here and don’t forget the duo’s upcoming tourdates below.

08.11.2013 – E-werk, Erlangen (Germany)
09.11.2013 – Emil, Zittau (Germany)
10.11.2013 – Kassablanca – Jena (Germany)
11.11.2013 – Zeughaus, Passau (Germany)
12.11.2013 – Franz.K – Reutlingen (Germany)
13.11.2013 – NochBesserLeben – Leipzig (Germany)
14.11.2013 – About Blank – Berlin (Germany)
15.11.2013 – Blues Alive Fest – Sumperk (Czech Republic)
16.11.2013 – Jazz Dock – Prague (Czech Republic)