High Highs - Open Season - DeluxeAs winter is slowly approaching us a warming tune in the evening might not be the worst idea. And tonight’s sound of the night on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is exactly that sort of music we’d love to take comfort in on such a cold and rainy day. It’s our beloved chillwaving mastermind SLOW MAGIC who got his hands on Milan, a track by American folk band HIGH HIGHS. Both musical worlds on itself are already quite fascinating on their own, one providing dreamy electronica soundscapes while the other one is responsible for intimate songwriting. In combination this is real heaven.

What a shame that this wonderful remix only lasts for three and a half minutes. SLOW MAGIC really understands how to add a certain decent epicness to the original from the New York-based duo. The song can be found on their debut album Open Season, the remix is part of its deluxe edition. And you are welcome to fall for this musical bliss right here.