House By The Lake - photo by Ystein Haara

Photo by Ystein Haara

A while ago we presented to you this nostalgic happy/sad trip down the memory lane called Dark Horse. Somehow, the longing folk harmonies within the thoughtful visual frame stuck with us and so here we are to present to you the actual album frame to the song: Welcome to the HOUSE BY THE LAKE‘s very own Woodlands. The Bergen-based band HOUSE BY THE LAKE is about to release this first proper full-length of theirs in a week from now and for fans of the aforementioned mood of longing folk harmonies, it’s definitely a treat.

HOUSE BY THE LAKE was founded by lead singer Sondre Strandskog Arnesen as a solo-/studio project in 2009 and eventually grew into a band as which they’ve been appearing since 2013. And it’s this gently grown chemistry we witness here on Woodlands – no singer/songwriter backed up by some other instruments but a carefully woven net of different influences from folk to blues to country and back. HOUSE BY THE LAKE elegantly steer through the rapids of the often sadly generic folk genre, making Woodlands an album to easily get lost in. If you want to catch them live don’t miss their release show in Berlin on March 19. Here’s all the information you need. In the meantime listen to the whole thing right here exclusively for a week ahead of its release and enjoy the nature-loving escapism.