Ida Gard - Photo by Anne Kirstine Winkler

Photo by Anne Kirstine Winkler

When one door closes, another one automatically opens. At least that what the famous saying is trying to tell us. Sometimes looking back on these closed doors and missed opportunities can be quite painful but also in some way freeing. Danish singer IDA GARD risks a look back in the form of Doors, the title track of her sophomore studio album.

The likely songwriter took a quite interesting career path. Although she won a well-respected radio contest a while back in her home country she refused to take the easy but often sleazy path of a major label deal. Instead of it she took a slower and more difficult way by slowly building up her career in the past years. Her debut album Knees, Feet & The Parts We Don’t Speak Of gained solid success and Doors seems to follow the paths. This might make it easier for IDA GARD to look back on her past decisions. Join her right here with this uplifting piece of pop.