Iiris - TigerheadWe might not have tigerblood running through our veins but NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION clearly shares a certain amount of love for Estonian pop singer IIRIS. The charismatic woman and her debut The Magic Gift Box really got our attention last year – especially when we had the chance to experience her siren-like voice live in action at various festivals. It is a matter of time before she’s entering pop superstardom – and her latest single Tigerhead might be the track who is her key to that door.

“I’m really drawn to theater and melodrama and that special kind of darkness that appears when you turn off the lights on stage.” told us IIRIS in an interview last autumn. “When everything goes black there is this chaos in some ways, this black darkness that is so full of potential for everything.” She clearly loves the balance between darkness and light and Tigerhead definitely sees her seeking the lighter side of life once again. A joyful and catchy piece of electropop that sill got it’s twists and turns. It’s our Sound of the Day – maybe yours too.