Ills - Photo by Angie Pai

Photo by Angie Pai

Yes, we live in the age of accelerated consumerism; the era of ‘skipping’. When was the last time you actually watched a YouTube clip from start to end? Or you listened to an entire album without skipping one song? Indeed, we all need to slow down a bit in the daily rat race. And, thank god, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION got the right track for you. Let Me Have Just One by Australian three-piece I’LLS (pronounced ‘isles’) is one of those songs that will instantly grab your attention and make you want to pay attention for the whole duration of four minutes.

It’s a gently reduced piece of hypnotic sweetness. A tender beat, atmospheric synthesizer sounds and the voice of Simon Lam that feels a bit like an echo from the other side of the room. There’s something utterly captivating in this song, something that sounds both – contemporary and timeless. I’LLS will release the song as part of their EP Can I Go With You To Go Back To My Country on Solitaire Recordings on August the 1st. And we can only assume that this is the start of something bigger. Convince yourself right here.