Imaginary War - Photo by Joachim Berger

Photo by Joachim Berger

We almost forgot about talented German wave pop outfit IMAGINARY WAR although they really delivered a nice debut album in 2012 with Replacing The Ghosts. Thank god they recently reminded us of their talent in the form of a strong comeback single called The Way We Feel. It’s just a first teaser of the things that will follow in the course of 2015. More music, more live shows and more confidence. Definitely something to look forward to if you love good old fashioned synthpop with a certain dark twist. It’s the perfect time to get to know these four gentlemen a bit better, so we caught up with singer Joki to discuss the band’s recent adventurous video shoot, superheroes and, of course, the almighty DEPECHE MODE.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?
If our videos and lyrics wake the imagination of epic sounds and melodies you are pretty close. Combine that with some bittersweet harmonies and don’t be afraid of big gestures and some noise.

If you could break down the essence of IMAGINARY WAR to three simple words what would they be?
Love, lust and suffering.

Would you rather have JAY Z or KATY PERRY cover a song by you?
Definitely JAY Z. First, there is no risk of shark costumes involved and second, he is far more inventive when it comes to creation and interpretation.

Tell us a bit about the video shoot of ‘The Way We Feel.’ How was the experience, walking through the mountains in the cold?
It was an adventurous 20-hour trip in the Swiss Alps. It was cold, and we had to carry all the camera equipment, clothes, and requisites – by foot. Martin and me were looking forward to a nice walk and some time for nerd-talk about synths and stuff. But already after few minutes we were out of breath and everything started to hurt. The bizarre situation of hiking in the mountains with fancy clothes, looking at a painting in front of this mountain panorama was strange and inspiring at the same time. We met no single tourist and not even a deer, so it was a lonesome and rememberable trip.

‘Nobody Wants To Be Robin’

If each member of your band was a superhero… what would be your specific super power?
Well, we all want to be Batman and nobody wants to be Robin. But talking about superpowers: Joki, obviously, can walk up walls in his miraculous shoes while thinking about what to do on top of this wall at the same time. Martin can create every single object (like spoons, cars or a Batman mask for example) out of thin air in a blink. That’s very helpful in daily life. Roman can calculate every mathematical calculation below one second and play punk rock songs on guitar at the same time! And Axel can see through walls, but that appeared to be less pleasing in many occasions, so he decided to wear a mask most of the day. Of course we all can fly, but that’s very 2014.

Since we already used the DEPECHE MODE reference before: what’s your favourite track by them and why?
It’s not a specific track but rather whole albums. To get to know an artist, it is really important and recommended to get familiar with albums. We like the emotional, conceptual and technical differences which makes every album of DEPECHE MODE a witness of the phase they were in. Two favorites: Playing the Angel is such a dirty but lovely one while Songs of Faith and Devotion has such a deep impact on the music world.

If you as a group could have an alternative job together – what would it be?
Probably, we should combine our talents and have a nightclub together. There are some synergies, which might be helpful. That also goes well with our preferred working hours.

What role play the elements ‘hope’ and ‘passion’ in your life?
‘Hope’ is something you use more on the short term level. Like hoping for nice weather. If you hope, you are not active about it. We might call it ‘vision’ to put more of an active color in the word. But yes, sometimes hope is all that’s left. Passion is the motor of life. Everything we do is bloodless without passion.