Imaginary War_Replacing-The-GhostsIt’s no secret that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is in love with German synth-rock band IMAGINARY WAR. We enjoyed their 2012 debut Replacing The Ghosts quite a lot. A record full of intensity and dark magic. And something quite substantial. Something you don’t get much often from a new band. High end material that makes us quite excited about the next longplayer which is currently in the making. The concept of IMAGINARY WAR works quite well. The four German ladds understand that you can make catchy but also quite ary pop songs and combine them with meaningful lyrics. Just check out the previous singles The Tide Has Turned and Embrace to understand what we’re trying to say.

Just The Words is another song from the band’s recent longplayer. And it’s quite heavy material in terms of the lyrics. It’s dealing with loss and death, telling the story of a son standing in front of the grave of his mother. Well, what else is there left to say in such a situation. Probably just ‘farewell’ … Just The Words is our Sound of the Night. And you might get the point why we selected it.