Imaginary War - The Way We Feel

Imaginary War – The Way We Feel

Sometimes, if a man needs to figure out a few things, it’s best to head for a place out of civilization. You know, somewhere in the furious environment of Mother Nature. Joki Schaller, the charismatic lead singer of German wave pop outfit IMAGINARY WAR, though the same and went straight to the mountains in the group’s new music video The Way We Feel. Walking around, thinking about past decisions and… well, finding the right spot for your red painting.

The new IMAGINARY WAR clip definitely leaves space for your own interpretation but one thing is for sure: the impressive images go very well hand in hand with the sound of the new single by the four piece. Big gesture, big feelings and even bigger instrumentation – as if M83 decided to record a DEPECHE MODE album 25 years ago. The band is currently preparing their second full-length album after 2012’s Replacing The Ghosts and we didn’t expect them to slow down on this one, that much is for sure. In the meantime: find your peace in the heart of nature with The Way We Feel right here.