Ingrid Lukas - Tear Out

Never forget where you come from. It’s always interesting to see how young artists take the cultual heritage of their origin and combine it with a fresh and inspiring idea. INGRID LUKAS, born in Estonia and now living in Zurich, is such an artist. If you listen to her latest single Tear Out you can sense something wild and folkloristic in it. But on the other side she also easily mixed a fair amount of pop and R&B into the song. The result is a bit raw but also very catchy and soulful. And the simple but effective black and white dance video underlines the grooving nature of the tune quite effectively.

INGRID LUKAS just released her latest album Demimonde via Ronin Rhythm Records. It is said to underline the artist’s diversified personality so expect a big box of surprises on it. As a first teaser we highly recommend you to enjoy this little pop gem called Tear Out right here.