The Inside Story: Major Depression

In a series of short films the MENTAL HEALTH CHANNEL-project approaches one of the most common yet at the same time most invisible problems of modern societies: the various ways of mental illnesses. Based on the experiences of personally affected people, little documentaries try to rise awareness and find pictures for what’s not to display. In one of its episodes, The Inside Story turns on Major Depression and tells the story of Austin-based drummer, artist and writer THOR HARRIS.

Having played with and for bands like SWANS and SHEARWATER, Harris is much more than just a beat-machine. He’s an artist in every aspect. Yet still he has had his struggles and, as it becomes clear in the seven minutes of this little documentary, always will have. Depression is something you’ll always have to fight. In an inspiring and upright way Harris tells us his experiences, the thoughts of death, how the sickness evolved and why he decided to take the fight. Because in the end there is hope and even depression is something to learn from: ‘Going through depression, I’m grateful for the things that it taught me’, he says, teaching us a lesson or two about this horrific sickness. You can enjoy the truly moving and beautifully shot piece right here, as well as you can take a look at the website of the project for further clips.