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I don’t think PUSSY RIOT’s music is art, and the place that they have chosen for it was wrong.”

Despite being one of the biggest countries in the world, we all still need to learn a thing or two about Russia and its pop culture. In the perception of the Western audience there seems to be not much interest in Moscow and other cities. But why exactly? Because we are afraid to search? With bands like TESLA BOY there is actually no need to look away. The synthie-pop trio is clearly one of the country’s most buzzed bands at the moment, partly also because they don’t think in territorial categories.

Originally formed as solo project by Anton Sevidov, the trio – also featuring Mikhail Studnitsyn and Leonid Zatagin – alreay had quite a few great hit singles, with the recent one being Split/ Another Day in back in December. And 2013 has a few things on TESLA BOY‘s to-do-list – well, mostly a new studio-album and the conquest of the world with their catchy electronic wave pop. Before this happens, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION sat down with Sevidov and talked about his influences, his view on the Russian music scene and why the thinks, that there is a right to a different opinion on the whole PUSSY RIOT debate.


You’re obviously very much influenced by the retro-esque 80s electronic pop and new wave. Was there a certain moment or a special band that brought you to this sound?
It might seem strange, but for me it’s MICHAEL JACKSON‘s Thriller, 20/20 by GEORGE BENSON, the Lady in Red album by STEVIE WONDER. Actually it’s a team of musicians and authors, created by Quincy Jones in the 80s, who wrote the Thriller and a lot of other albums. That’s my dreamteam, they are most talented musicians ever. And, also DAVID BOWIE‘s Let’s Dance, produced by Neil Rogers, guitarist of CHIC.


Tell us a bit about your latest single “Split”.
The song was written during our tour in the same-name city Split. The line is from Stephen Fry’s Liars. One of the idea of the book is that boys are never grown up, opposed to girls.


The fact that you come from Russia might suprise a few people since your sound is quite international and could easily come from some hot band in London or New York. Is the Russian music landscape mistaken or are you just an exception of the rule?
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I’m lucky cause my parents loved good music and bought me a computer with Cubase when I was 13. That’s how music production started for me. It’s still kind of exception for Russia though there are lots of talented guys. That’s why TESLA BOY is exceptional itself though u can find some really good bands like 7HE MYRIADS, PIONEERBALL, DZA and other electronic musicians.


How would you describe the musical scene of Moscow to our readers?
As well as your audience I don’t know much about Moscow stage, because I’m really a rare guest to Russian capital.


Why do you think is it still so difficult for a lot of artists from the east of Europe and Russia to get the attention they should deserve?
I think that difficulties are only in heads of musicians who don’t have the courage to perform in Europe. The most important thing is to believe, you don’t have any chance to succeed without it, no matter where are you from – Moscow, Berlin or Birmingham, in this case everybody is equal. But being in the right place at the right time is very important and not always it depends on the musician.


When we talk about Russia and the new post-soviet generation we also need to talk about one of 2012’s hottest topics – the whole PUSSY RIOT debate. Any thoughts on that.
I’m not a fan of stereotypes, I also dislike when people support it. In my opinion the thing that they are victims of Putin’s regime is a stereotype. There’s a part of reason in every other stereotype (with some minor exceptions). I don’t support them. I don’t think that it’s art, and the place that they have chosen for it was wrong, a lot of faithful people are looking for a peace of mind in the Church, there are a lot of pour and lonely people. Why they have come there? It would be cooler if they climbed into the Kremlin or Putin’s residence. But it also would have the bad end – security guards have a very accurate shot skills! But the government decision about getting them into a prison is in-humane, not Cristian-like and very silly. They’ve lost a lot of points.


What has been your personal highlights as a band within the past twelve months?
Of course it was the USA tour and our sold out show at Webster hall!


We’re all about hope and passion. What do these elements mean to you?
Passion is a key to everything you do, hope is a feeling that you’ll find your passion, and therefore, yourself!