Inventions - Peregrine


Gloomy ambient piano pathos from Matthew Cooper (ELUVIUM), Mark T. Cooper (EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY) and their side-project INVENTIONS. The odd couple just released its second studio album called Maze Of Woods via Bella Union. And if you love spherical soundscapes with a little bit darkness we can highly recommend it.

Why should I watch this?

It’s really spooky lo-fi horror including weird masks and an even weirder doll. And plenty of other creepy things. The video’s director, Paul Logan about the clip: ‘When the guys first handed me the song I immediately saw these trapped and haunted memories stuck in a loop. I could see someone wanting to preserve them and reanimate them. Someone who wanted to live in them. I saw a caretaker and a little friend.’

Anything else?

We surely hope you can sleep tonight after witnessing this. And if you need a few more lullabies don’t hesitate to check out INVENTIONS‘ latest longplayer. Well, maybe not tonight.