Jacob Bellens - 2014

Within the last ten years Danish songwriter JACOB BELLENS grew to one of the most influential of his home country. His song Do You Have Anything Harder?, which is named Sound of the Night tonight, proves that BELLENS is not only an exceptional songwriter, but also a musician with an highly emotional voice and lyrics that couldn’t be more poetic. Atmospheric arrangements, unmistakeable songs combined with intellecual lyrics.

I was talking to my father, I did not work for me at all. Do you have anything harder?

Furthermore JACOB BELLENS has an unstoppable creative output. He released several albums with his bands MURDER and I GOT YOU ON TAPE, and writes and releases as solo artist. With Do You Have Anything Harder he once again gets into the spotlight on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. It’s tonight’s soundtrack, Do You Have Anything Harder?