Fellow readers of this little effort of ours to make the world a more colourful place should be aware of the name Jacob Bellens right now. The Danish songwriter, collaborator of Kasper Bjørke and bandleader of I Got You On Tape has been a reoccuring topic for us. Now there’s a successor imminent to his latest album Polyester Skin from 2016. It’s called Trail of Intuition and today you get to hear and take a peak at a new song from it called One Of A Kind.

The video pairs Bellens‘ dreamy pop approach with slightly enigmatic, minimalistic pictures. Both though, the music and the video, are as beautiful as we expect it from this gentleman. Jacob Bellens’ only seemingly effortless music always accomplishes it to lift the spirit. Take your chances and dive into One Of A Kind right here. The new album Trail of Intuition will be out on March 23rd via hfn music.