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Electronic Empathy: Kasper Bjørke Embraces The Return Of Club Music With Warm Balearic Vibes

Just in time fort the world slowly opening up again one of NBHAP’s longtime favourites returns with an album that celebrates the joy of joint dancing and togetherness unlike in a very uplifting way. If you happen to be a fan of sweet Baleraic house music bliss you should take a closer look at “Sprinkles” and also the tracks Kasper Bjørke put in our playlist. Time for a new edition of Electronic Empathy, girls and boys.
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Greener Touring Is Possible: A Field Report By Danish Artist Kasper Bjørke

In the wake of the impending climate catastrophe we as a human species need to change the way we interact with our planet and that affects pretty much every aspect of our life. Slowly the music industry begins to wake up in that sector as well, forcing us to overthink our relationship towards touring and music consumption whether we like it or not. Beloved Danish artist and DJ Kasper Bjørke actively tried it out last weekend and exclusively on NBHAP he shares his thoughts and impressions from this very special trip.
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