Last year, longtime Depeche Mode collaborator Kurt Uenala made the obvious choice to ask the man himself, Mr. Dave Gahan, to take over lead vocals on the first single from his project Null + Void. And of course, the iconic frontman said yes and gave the magnificent Where I Wait the amount of sinister tenderness you expcect from a song with such a special vocalist. The track was also featured on Cryosleep, the really strong album Null + Void released in November as well.

Today, you are happily invited to revisit this track from a fresh perspective. None other than Danish dancefloor verteran Kasper Bjørke got his hands on Where I Wait and created a remix that takes the dark notion of the original and puts it into a different setting. Asked about his work on the track, Bjørke replies:

‘I really enjoyed working on this remix. I re-used alot of Kurts original synth parts, because they are just so good – and having the opportunity to work with Dave Gahan’s vocals is not something that happens every day, obviously. Im a huge Depeche Mode fan since I was a teenager so yeah, this was a bit of a dream coming true in that sense.

The original version in itself is quite complex and has alot of chord changes – and at one point I decided to strip away Daves chorus vocals, even though that felt kind of blasphemous, but it somehow worked out for me to let the melody of the synths stand out on their own – and in that way give the remix a new and calmer take on the song.’

The result is indeed less disco material and more fitting for lonely hours at night. The entire remix bundle along with an instrumental version and a rework by Uenala himself arrives this Friday via hfn music.