The xx - 2013 - Photo by Alexandra Waespi

THE XX – Photo by Alexandra Waespi

Light at the of the tunnel for all those who wait for new material by British wave trio THE XX. In a new interview with Fader the band’s very own JAMIE XX promised that a third album by his group is ‘coming.’ Still the follow-up to 2012’s Coexist might take a few more months as the producer confirms: ‘We’ve got quite a lot of songs that are not finished, but I’m excited about it. It feels a lot more free than when we were making the last record.’ The band recorded most parts of album number three earlier this year in Iceland. Looks like a 2015 is realistic although the producer makes clear that they didn’t want to rush things this time.

Before we’re going to have the pleasure of a new album by THE XX there’s finally going to be a JAMIE XX solo LP as well. According to the musician he just returned from New York where he’s currently mixing the album which will contain three years of music as he promises. ‘There’s one track where I need to get the vocal on, but I don’t know who the vocalist is going to be yet’ he says in the interview. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will keep you updated. In the meantime enjoy a remix by JAMIE XX of his own band.