Johnny Cash - She Used To Love Me A LotCalm down, everybody – a legend is in the room! Although gone for over a decade now the ghost of legendary ‘man in black’, Mr. JOHNNY CASH is still haunting us all. And thank god he does. Whenever one of his songs plays it fascinates with its simple beauty and authentic truth. He was one of the greatest – we can probably all agree on this. And while we thought after his final posthumous album American VI: Ain’t No Grave from 2010 there won’t be any new music by Mr. CASH it looks like we were wrong.

But to be fair – the upcoming album Out Among the Stars (Out March 25) is not entirely new. It was originally recorded back in 1981 but never got released. It went lost somehow, only to surface now three decades later. For a long time fan like famous music video producer John Hillcoat this marks a great opportunity to finally produce a JOHNNY CASH clip.

‘We went to Los Angeles, Santa Fe, New York and also prisons in Albuquerque and Tennessee – these tent villages just went on, block after block’ says Hillcoat about the clip. It’s about showing struggling and divided modern day America as it is. And indeed, the director managed to picture the broken United States of today while mixing it with images from the past. Always in the room – JOHNNY CASH, as a ghost and the slowly fading voice of America. It’s a depressing and haunting picture. But so was the music of cash. True brilliance at work right here – the perfect sound for tonight.