Johnny Marr - Photo by Phil KittJohnny Marr - Photo by Phil Kitt

Photo by Phil Kitt

Former SMITHS mastermind JOHNNY MARR will release his first ever solo live album Adrenalin Baby, following last year’s studio album Playland. It is set for a release on October the 9th, covering three years of MARR and his band performing live in various venues. The mastermind about the release:

‘I wanted to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the last couple of tours. It’s been a special time and the album is a document for fans who were there, and for people who haven’t seen me and might want to check out what the shows are about. I like live records when they’re a good listen, It’s turned out really well.’

The compilation will also feature songs by THE SMITHS like How Soon is Now? or The Headmaster Ritual as well as a cover from THE CLASH’S I Fought The Law. Check the full tracklist below and don’t forget to read our big interview feature with the man from last year.

‘Adrenalin Baby’ – Tracklist

1. Playland
2. The Right Thing Right
3. Easy Money
4. 25 Hours
5. New Town Velocity
6. The Headmaster Ritual
7. The Messenger
8. Back In The Box
9. Generate! Generate!
10. Bigmouth Strikes Again
11. Boys Get Straight
12. Candidate
13. Getting Away With It
14. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
15. Dynamo
16. I Fought The Law
17. How Soon Is Now?