José Gonzalez - 2014 - Photo by Malin Johansson

José González – Photo by Malin Johansson

Good news ahead for fans of beloved Swedish songwriter JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ. He just announced his new solo-album Vestiges & Claws, which is coming our way next year on February the 17th via Mute (North America), Imperial (EU), Peace Frog (UK), and Shock (AU/NZ). He also shared the official artwork and a short teaser already which can be enjoyed at the bottom.

It’s been a while since GONZÁLEZ‘ put out a record under his own name – In Our Nature dates back to 2007. In the meantime he kept busy though, with releases from his band JUNIP and also some soundtrack work. All the while he seemed to be gathering ideas for his own material with which he obviously is heading for some new directions as JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ himself points out:

“I started out thinking that I wanted to continue in the same minimalistic style as on my two previous records. But once I started the actual recordings I soon realized that most of the songs turned out better with added guitars and a more beat-like percussion, and with more backing vocals. Personally, I think this made it a more interesting and varied album.”

All in all this sounds like something to look forward to. Watch the trailer right here and get excited: