Josefin Öhrn - Press - 2015

JOSEFIN ÖHRN + THE LIBERATION are a Swedish psych band fronted by a singer named, unsurprisingly, Josefin Öhrn.  They’ve made their name with a bunch of singles and an EP of scuzzy, tripped-out late sixties sounding rock, and now we come to their latest effort, Take Me Beyond.

The track kicks off in a cloud of abstract guitar squiggles and fuzz, before a NEU! style motornik beat pops up to drive it onwards and give it shape and form. It’s a curious track to try and get a hold of, continually shifting, moving and changing. It operates in similar genre territory to that THE HORRORS have explored on their last couple of albums, a blurred mix of shoegaze and psychedelia, given a slightly bleak wistfulness by Öhrn’s subtly echoed vocal: ‘Take me be-yond, I’ve been waiting for too long.’

Take Me Beyond by JOSEFIN ÖHRN + THE LIBERATION is out now on, fittingly, Gone Beyond Records.