Joy Wellboy - BirdsAs the sun is slowly setting over the Berlin skyline it might be a bit too early to think about urban nightlife (it’s Monday after all) but we just don’t care about that at the moment. The reason is Birds, the new single by Belgian wave pop duo JOY WELLBOY. The accompanying music video, created by directors Mario Stahn and Piet Truhlar, takes us right back to the mysterious nightlife of the German capital. Well, at least a bit.

It’s not just about the city, but also about clours, lights and mysterious dancing. And of course the music. The duo released its latest EP Before The Sunrise back in May on acclaimed German electronic label BPitch Control and is definitely a group to look out for. A furious mix of new wave guitars teams up with a dark synthetic groove and the distinctive voice of singer Joy Adegoke that adds a soulful element to the sound of JOY WELLBOY. And don’t forget the hit potential of the song itself. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION highly recommends you to follow these guys straight into the night sky.