Kat Vinter - Photo by Russ Neipp

Photo by Russ Neipp


 In her newest music video we can watch Australian singer KAT VINTER on a trip through a mysterious forest, trying to find answers we are all looking for: the meaning of life, wanting something more or the hard fate as an individual in a world you have to fit in to survive. Sooner or Later is about modern culture, better say its deepest problem of strict rules and stereotypes we want to hide and run away from.

Why should I watch this?

Music and video fit perfectly together. On her wild journey KAT VINTER meets lots of visual puzzles, pieces of herself or someone she is looking for. Her tunes follow beat driven pop sounds, rather dark than bright. Would somebody ask for the colors of her art, it would be black or grey. Those shades dominate the video, one by one they create a little work of art.

Anything else?

We can be excited about future material from this charismatic singer. First inspired by modern lifestyle and fashion in our beloved metropolises of London or New York, KAT VINTER went to Berlin to find artists she could build up her own sound with. By now, the results are good and we are looking forward for more!