Klaus Johann Grobe

News from krautpop candyland: The beloved Swiss duo KLAUS JOHANN GROBE are about to release a new single with two old but reworked songs on December 4th via Trouble In Mind. And they already share the A-side of that lovely thingy with us. Lads and gents, dive deep into KLAUS JOHANN GROBE‘s bedroom whisper Baby Lass Uns Sein. One the one hand it’s a typically grooving GROBE track, on the other it has a certain mellow and cheesy vibe to it – highly enjoyable it is anyway.

The new single is another intermediate step in between KLAUS JOHANN GROBE‘s debut album Im Sinne Der Zeit and its follow-up which is currently in the making and, according to the band, already due to go into the mixing process after some final fine-tuning. Earlier this year the duo released and premiered a self-titled EP here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. In order to find a suitable end for this productive and successful year, KLAUS JOHANN GROBE will also play a few last shows in December, including the one on the Tutti Frutti Fest, presented by yours truly NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Check out the dates below the new single Baby, lass uns sein.

Klaus Johann Grobe – 2015 Tour Dates
29.11.15 – CH – Basel – Kaserne
03.12.15 – FR – Rennes – Trans Musicale Rennes
15.12.15 – DE – Berlin – Kantine am Berghain / TuTTi FruTTi FesT 2015
16.12.15 – DE – Hamburg – Golden Pudel / Euphorie (doors only)
17.12.15 – DK – Copenhagen – Osramhuset
18.12.15 – DE – Köln – King George