Klaus Johann Grobe

Attention dear lovers of the latest retro Krautrock-sensation KLAUS JOHANN GROBE. After releasing an instant classic debut album Im Sinne der Zeit, touring the UK with TEMPLES, collecting an arse full of records while being there and making it into our very own list of 10 current great German-singing bands, there’s now a festival season ahead for the restless duo.

In advance of that, KLAUS JOHANN GROBE prepared something special as they decided to re-release their self-titled debut EP Klaus Johann Grobe EP via Salvation Records. For a good reason, because there’s obviously a whole world out there craving for the rare and until now no longer available six-track mini-album. From Koordinaten to Dreimal, this early work of KLAUS JOHANN GROBE already contains everything that we love about them: A little out-there-nerdism, spacy sounds and reduced, stoic rhythms. We are extremely glad to be able to present to you this little gem in advance of its release next Monday, May the 11th, exclusively right here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Grab your lasercat and cuddle it like we do along to these fine tracks.