Korallreven - Limitless - Video


Swedish dreampop duo KORALLREVEN released its sophomore studio album  Second Comin’ last year. And while their debut longplayer An Album By Korallreven was influenced by the Tropical sounds of Samoa this new album is clearly inspired by the high energy factor of Japanese pop culture. Less dreampop, more dancefloor material and quite often the best of both worlds. Just like in the track Limitless.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because KORALLREVEN invite you to a bizarre trip into their strange microcosm. Singer Marcus Joons takes a group of girls to a strangely empty but fully functiopnal amusement park where they swallow mysterious orange pills and have a good time while Joons sticks to his slushy. Yes, you are happily invited to find your own interpreation for this hypnotic collage of images.

Anything Else?

In the course of last year’s album release the two-piece also released a very entertaining cover of the GUNS ‘N’ ROSES classic November Rain which you can enjoy right here. Hopefully KORALLREVEN, who are always inspired by travellings, start to discover new parts of the planet soon.