Kurt Vile

Beloved American songwriter KURT VILE is currently busy in the studio, recording the anticipated follow-up to his praised 2013 longplayer Walkin On A Pretty Daze. The former member of THE WAR ON DRUGS now discussed the current state of the longplayer with SPIN magazine, saying about the content: ‘There’s a little sad, and a little love.’ VILE is currently logged time in studios in Brooklyn, Athens, and Los Angeles and also recorded at the legendary Rancho de la Luna. The musician about the venue: ‘It’s a really vibey house. You can’t really call it a studio, it’s more of a house.’

He furthermore adds: ‘At first there were definitely challenges because you want to play live but there’s only this one backroom and everything bleeds into everything else, so essentially I was just playing in this little closet room, but I recorded one of my favorite songs ever. Everybody went to bed and I couldn’t sleep. I kept listening and then the sun came up and all of a sudden I just looked around me and I could see everything for miles and I was like, ‘Man, I just recorded my best song ever and I’m here in the middle of nowhere in the most beautiful, mystical, magical desert.’

Further details are still missing but don’t worry: NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will keep you updated on the album’s progress. Until then: check out a song from his last one.